2021 Outlook – “BECCS is critical to achieve net zero”

By Matt White, senior vice-president, Drax Biomass.

Events of 2020 — the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed over two million people and severely impacted the global economy, and extreme weather and natural disasters around the world — have heightened awareness about human impacts on the natural environment.

This has galvanised action to tackle the climate crisis and shone a spotlight on solutions that will be crucial in meeting climate targets such as sustainable biomass for power, negative emissions, and bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS).

As well as supporting the environment — development of these technologies could also support a post-COVID green economic recovery — and this is at the core of Drax’s plans in 2021.

Momentum for meaningful climate action at the next round of UN climate talks at COP26 in Glasgow in November is already building and sustainable biomass and negative emissions are an important part of the discussion.

There’s widespread recognition that sustainable biomass has a long-term role in meeting climate targets — both in producing renewable...

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