$2.6 million awarded to Canadian landfill-to-fuel company

The Canadian government is set to invest $2.6 million (€1.8 million) into Sustane, a Halifax, Nova Scotia based waste-to-energy company.

Sustane claims to have developed a new process which converts municipal solid waste into clean burning fuel and other recycled products. The investment will be used to scale up Sustane’s technology, supporting the creation of a demonstration facility in Chester, around 65km southwest of Halifax. The facility will transform solid waste from landfill into recyclable materials as well as high value fuels that burn cleaner than fossil fuels.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) says that the investment will deliver well-paying opportunities to the town of Halifax. SDTC works with Canadian companies to bring early stage clean technologies to market.

“Sustane’s technology has the potential to revolutionise the waste-processing industry. By turning waste into clean-burning fuels and other high-value recyclable materials, Sustane is helping to make our communities cleaner and less polluted,” said Bernadette Jordan, a member of the Canadian Parliament who announced the new investment.

“This investment also has the potential to create well-paying middle-class jobs while equipping Nova Scotians with the skills they need for a fast-growing, globally competitive economy based on clean technology.”

Peter Vinall, president of Sustane Technologies, said: “Landfilling society’s waste generates copious greenhouse gasses and fugitive leachates. It sequesters high-value urban land and is just plain wasteful; however, this is still the default solution worldwide.

“Sustane’s new recycling process recovers 90% of landfilled materials and transforms them into valuable low carbon biofuels and recyclables. We are grateful for this funding from SDTC, which comes at a critical time and allows us to complete the next-generation facility in Chester, Nova Scotia, that will prove our technologies at large demonstration scale, deliver value to our partners and help us cement Canada’s leadership in this space.”



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