Our report: European Biogas Conference 2022

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Bioenergy Insight attended the European Biogas Conference 2022, which took place in Brussels, Belgium, in October. There was a buzz in the atmosphere, and a real sense that now is the time for the industry to seize the agenda.
One of the stand-out plenary sessions consisted of an EU Member State-specific update – from Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain (although unfortunately, technical problems prevented the Spanish representative’s presence).
Lisbet Olgaard, head of division centre for renewables at the Danish Energy Agency, spoke about the green transition within the Danish gas system, which began in the 1990s – albeit “not very successfully”. One challenge relates to biomass – there is biomass that can be used for biogas production in southern and western Denmark, but low biomass availability in Copenhagen and eastern Denmark. This “creates an imbalance between where production is based and where consumption is”.
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