100% biogas and biomass plant commissioned in Martinique

Renewable energy producer Albioma has announced the industrial commissioning of its 100% biogas/biomass plant. The plant, Galion 2, will be located in Martinique and was commissioned on the 26 September 2018.

According to the press release, Galion 2 has become the first 100% biogas/biomass plant in the French overseas departments and is dedicated to renewable energy production.

The plant has a capacity of 40MW and will supply year round electricity for Martinique’s electricity grid. It will do so from the combustion of bagasse, which is a fibrous residue of sugar cane and other local and sustainable forms of biomass of plant origin and wood residues.

The testing to see if the plant would be able to provide the Galion sugary refinery with the steam required during the sugar campaign and compliance tests with EDF standard took place in the summer. The encouraging results of these tests led to the enabling of the launch of the contract that was established with EDF and will be for a period of 30 years.


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