Oct 10, 2022
Advances in biowaste feedstock preparation technology for biogas production
Oct 3, 2022
Ross McKenzie, director of international affairs at Drax, spoke to Bioenergy Insight about the company's expansion into new international markets, and its plans for its UK plant in Yorkshire. Drax recently announced it had agreed the acquisition of Princeton Standard Pellet Corporation. What are the benefits of this? "This acquisition adds another pellet plant to our... [Read More]

Oct 1, 2022
We hear how the right training and opportunities provided by their employer have allowed two early-career professionals to reach the shortlist for the Association For Renewable Energy and Clean Technology’s (REA) Young Renewable Energy Professional Award in such a short amount of time. Two site managers from the east of England, Liam Hughes and Tyler Warman,... [Read More]

Sep 26, 2022
On its website, tomato producer Guy & Wright (established 1928), described itself as "being complete idiots; building our own AD plant". The company's story, though, is one of growth. Fifteen years ago, when the first 1,800m3 digester was built on the 100-acre site in Hertfordshire, UK, John Jones (great grandson of Mr Guy) could be forgiven for wondering what on... [Read More]

Sep 25, 2022
Maarten Gnoth, founder and managing director of Hinterland Management - a bespoke sustainable investment development and management enterprise focussing on biomass supply chains - gave a talk at Bioenergy Insight's International Biomass Congress & Expo in July, expanding upon his presentation at a World Bioenergy Association webinar. Gnoth, who has significant experience... [Read More]

Sep 11, 2022
With their company, Biogastechnik Süd, the brothers Clemens and Gregor Maier offer solutions for the treatment and handling of digestates. Initially, it was the improvement of the components of their own biogas plant that prompted them to develop the first product, the paddle agitator Varibull. Over the years, further products were added: from the Easyfeeder feeding technology... [Read More]

Sep 9, 2022
Dawn Stephens-Borg reflects on the European Pellet Conference 2022, which took place in Wels, Austria and online in April. Hot on the heels of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which was cautiously optimistic on bioenergy, the European Pellet Conference felt like an opportunity for bioenergy industry actors to defend the sector's potential. As... [Read More]

Sep 2, 2022
With new legislation on mandatory kerbside collections of food waste coming in from 2023, production of biomethane gas is set to grow. As a low-carbon gas, so will its contribution to decarbonisation and energy security in the UK. Tina Hawke, competitive market and future energy connections manager at Cadent Gas, highlighted the continued need to create space for biomethane... [Read More]

Aug 28, 2022
The UK premium wood pellet market has, like many other countries across Europe, experienced some turbulence over recent months with the crisis in Ukraine having an immediate effect on global EN Plus A1 pellet prices and supply. Despite the year starting on a more positive note with the UK Government announcing its new Boiler Upgrade Scheme, a replacement for the Domestic... [Read More]

Aug 26, 2022
Bioenergy Insight speaks to the newly-appointed secretary general of the European Biogas Association What were you doing before joining the European Biogas Association (EBA) as secretary general? "I started my career at the European Biodiesel Board working on sustainability and trade and later worked for other trade associations covering due diligence of raw... [Read More]

Aug 22, 2022
Following a 10-year analysis of the scale of methane leakage at almost 1,000 AD plants across the UK and Europe, Tim Elsome, general manager of biogas specialists FM BioEnergy, outlines why now is the ideal time to tackle unidentified biogas leaks — and how to protect your plant, profits and the planet. Anaerobic digestion (AD) plants are designed to convert... [Read More]

Aug 15, 2022
What first drew you to the bioenergy industry? "On a philosophical level it was the opportunity to participate in an energy revolution that would address the needs of the planet to combat climate change. From a business perspective it had enormous appeal in terms of growth and potential returns. I started my career as an engineer in the oil industry and then moved into... [Read More]

Aug 9, 2022
Torsten Fischer of Krieg + Fischer Ingenieure has been an expert legal witness for more than 15 years, covering 130 cases, and wrote his first report about a biogas plant accident more than 20 years ago. In this personal account, Torsten discusses a dispute between an operator and his insurer, exclusively for Bioenergy Insight. Setting Two fairly big biogas plants,... [Read More]

Aug 1, 2022
Colin Ley reports on how uncertainty in Ukraine is having an impact on new investment in the region. Surveying the future state of bioenergy in Scandinavia and the Baltics inevitably requires an assessment of what is happening right now in Ukraine and the threat that Russian aggression poses to the longer-term sovereign status of Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and... [Read More]

Jul 24, 2022
Simon Dawkins BEc, director, Oil Mallee Association, on the future of bioenergy in Western Australia. Western Australia (WA) is a the largest of the Australian States and has a 20-million-hectare wheatbelt. Most of the grain is exported including a million tonnes of canola to Europe for biofuel. However, it is the recent promotion of lignocellulosic biomass to produce... [Read More]

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