What the industry is saying about Bioenergy Insight Magazine…

‘Bioenergy Insight offers its readers a good and balanced mixture of industry and regulatory updates. Excellent in depth articles provide highly relevant information for the whole bioenergy sector.’

Dr. Andre Koltermann, Group Vice President CRD, Süd-Chemie AG

‘Bioenergy Insight is reaching international leaders in the biomass and bioenergy industry. They are publishing good articles and covering a wide range of biomass and bioenergy related terms.’

Finn Normann Jensen, Director of Global Business Development & Marketing, ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL

‘Bioenergy Insight provides a well-balanced variety of articles beneficial to both the product provider as well as the end-user. In today’s ever growing market it is critical to be current on regulations, new equipment and technology, just to name a few. Bioenergy Insight provides exactly that and should be subscribed to by anyone in the biogas, biodiesel, biomethanol and biomass industries. Furthermore it aids in identifying important new leads for manufactures and is therefore undoubtedly one of the best resources.’

Dr. Marita Niemelä, Leading Advisor, New Technologies, Pöyry Management Consulting

‘Bioenergy Insight is great compact reading. It combines well the recent highlights of the key industry players with more technology specific insights. For us it is both a valuable source of information and an excellent media for expressing our expert views.’

Michael Turwitt, President and CEO, 2G-Cenergy Power Systems Technologies, Inc., Florida, USA

‘Bioenergy Insight keeps us up to date about all relevant information and news. Also, it helps us to reach our valuable and most esteemed customers.’

Thomas Wilkens, Marketing, WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH

‘Bioenergy Insight is an effective vehicle for us to reach an important customer audience with our advertising and editorial. We like the fact that it covers a wide range of biomass-related topics, helping us stay abreast of key issues in this industry.’

Daniel Marshall, Product Engineer, Martin Engineering