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International Biomass Congress & Expo - Berlin - 10-11 October 2018 - Bringing biomass markets closer LIMITED OFFER 20% OFF - BUY 1 PASS GET 2ND FREE
Co-hosted events:
International Biogas Congress & Expo - BERLIN - 10-11 November 2018 - innovations in biogas Biofuels International Conference & Expo - Berlin - 10-11 October 2018 - Listen, learn and network

The International Biomass Congress & Expo aims to bring together leading producers, suppliers, regulators and other engaged organisations over a two day period. High-level speakers, experts in their field, will address a range of topical issues relating to the biomass sector.

Brought to you by Bioenergy Insight, the leading international biomass magazine, this year’s conference will be co-located with the International Biogas Congress & Expo as well as the renowned Biofuels International Conference and Expo, making this series of bio events our largest gathering yet of bio related companies, giving participants unrivalled coverage.

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Agenda - subject to change

DAY ONE: 10th October 2018

9.15 Session one: Welcoming remarks from the Chair
Preben V. Messerschmidt, Project Director, Ramboll

9.30 Global development of bioenergy: data, markets and policies
Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association

10.00 Will the future of biomass to power be as flexible back-up or as baseload operation (with CCS)?
Matthew Griffin, Head of Commercial Asset Management, Drax Power Limited

10.30 Clean Energy Package: Latest Updates & Impact on the Biomass Industry
Cillian Totterdell, Senior Account Executive, FleishmanHillard

METGEN11.00 Networking break
Sponsored by METGEN

11.45 CHP Conversions in Germany – A Strengthening Case?
Ben Moxham, Market Development Director, Europe, Enviva Biomass

12.15 Global bioenergy perspectives from the IEA’s Renewables 2018 market report

  • An overview of the role of bioenergy in the energy system.
  • Results of IEA’s global biomass power 5 year forecasts.
  • Current bioenergy use in industry and key growth areas.
  • Scale up potential for bioenergy under favourable market and policy conditions.

Pharoah Le Feuvre, Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Specac12.45 Networking lunch
Sponsored by SPECAC

2.15 Session two: Opening remarks from the Chair
Michael Wild, President, International Biomass Torrefaction Council

2.30 Overview of UK EN Plus A1 market and its unique challenges
Neil Holland, Managing Director, Y-Pellets

3.00 Supply & Demand a Global Overview for European Pellets
Fiona Matthews, Research Manager, Hawkins Wright

3.30 Update on the German pellet sector

  • Pellet production/trade
  • ENplus certification for wood chips & pellets
  • market challenges
  • Overview of the German heating market

Martin Bentele, CEO, DEPV

METGEN4.00 Networking break
Sponsored by METGEN

4.30 How to Double Production and Reach Designed Pellet Plant Capacity
Holger Streetz, International Operations Manager, Bathan

5.00 Success in the Pellet industry
Manfred Faustmann, CEO, Windhager

AGQM5.30 Networking drinks
Sponsored by AGQM


DAY TWO: 11th October 2018

9.30 Welcoming remarks from the Chair
Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association

9.45 Case study: pellet production in Latvia

  • Advantages of co-generation
  • Overview of the bioenergy market in the Baltics
  • Ensuring sustainability

Toms Nāburgs, Nelja Energia (4Energia)

10.15 Biomass trade across Europe & the Baltics

  • Current supply, stock & demand levels
  • What are the current trends in both supply and demand market?

Michael Christensen,COO, CM Biomass

METGEN10.45 Networking break
Sponsored by METGEN

11.30 Outlook for Nordic-Baltic Wood Biomass Markets

  • Growth Obstacles to Expanding Biomass Markets
  • Benchmarking
  • Pricing

Matias Pekkanen, Senior Consultant, Indufor Oy

12.00 Prospects of small scale CHP from Biomass – experiences from a demonstration project in south east Sweden
Daniella Johansson, Project Manager, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden

Specac12.30 Networking lunch
Sponsored by SPECAC

2.00 Opening remarks from the Chair
Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association

2.15 Wood pellets as fuel for power generation – challenges, adaptations and results
Preben V. Messerschmidt, Project Director, Ramboll

2.45 Demonstrating Sustainability through Certification
Simon Armstrong, Technical Expert, Sustainable Biomass Partnership

METGEN3.15 Networking break
Sponsored by METGEN

3.45 Spotlight on Torrefied Biomass

  • Principles of Biomass Carbonization and Rationales
  • Performance comparison with White Wood Pellets along the value chain
    • Mass/energy balances,
    • Electricity consumption,
    • Energy consumption and CO2 balance along long distance supply chains
    • Status of Torrefaction Technology/Standards/Permissions
  • Market Overview Technologies and Projects

Michael Wild, President, International Biomass Torrefaction Council

4.15 An overview of wood energy in North America
Richard P. Vlosky, Crosby Land & Resources Professor of Forest Sector Business Development Director, Louisiana Forest Products Development Center

4.45 Conference closes


Speaker Biographies

Cillian Totterdell

Cillian Totterdell
Senior Account Executive

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Cillian Totterdell specialises in climate, energy and industrial policy. Cillian works with clients from a range of sectors, including energy producers and major energy consumers, in order to raise their interests at the European level through both traditional and innovative public affairs. Over the past two years he has followed closely the Clean Energy Package, with a particular focus on the Renewable Energy Directive. Prior to joining FleishmanHillard, Cillian worked for the NGO Building Markets, which supports small businesses in developing countries such as Timor-Leste, Afghanistan and Haiti. Cillian holds a BA Int. from University College Dublin.

Ben Moxham

Ben Moxham
Market Development Director, Europe
Enviva Biomass

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Ben Moxham leads European business development efforts for Enviva, the world’s largest supplier of wood pellets for use as a fossil fuel substitute in energy generation. Ben started his career at BP and then worked at Riverstone, the largest private equity investor in renewable energy at the time. From 2011-13 he served as Senior Policy Adviser for Energy & Environment to the UK Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

Bharadwaj Kummamuru

Bharadwaj Kummamuru
Executive Director
World Bioenergy Association

Click for bio

Bharadwaj Kummamuru is the Executive Director of the World Bioenergy Association - a global organisation with a mission to promote the sustainable development of bioenergy. WBA is represented by more than 240 members including companies, research institutions, policy makers, individuals from more than 60 countries. Since its foundation in 2008, WBA has been working to address a number of pressing issues including certification, sustainability criteria, bioenergy promotion, data and the debates about bioenergy ́s impact on food, land use and water supply. Apart from daily operations of the organization, Bharadwaj is responsible for various projects related to statistics, technology transfer, and business development. His background is in Chemical Engineering.

Holger Streetz

Holger Streetz
International Operations Manager

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Holger Streetz studied at Europe-University Viadrina in Germany, at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, and at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. Since 2010 he oversees international projects at Bathan AG. Holger is responsible for project development in pellet production and several other renewable energy industries and other applications. His work includes on-site support, consulting customers in Best Practice implementation, and managing strategic partnerships. Prior to his current activities, he was a consultant for a leading online fashion shop, Business Development Manager for a Swiss company, and Assistant to the Management for a German group of control and energy solutions companies. Holger holds a doctor and a business degree.

Toms Nāburgs

Toms Nāburgs
Nelja Energia (4Energia)

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Biography pending.

Daniella Johansson
Project Manager, Energikontor Sydost
Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden

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PhD Daniella Johansson is project managerat Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden with special focus on bioenergy issues. Since the beginning of 2015,she coordinates a project, financed by the EU Life+ programme and partly by the Swedish Energy Agency, with the aim to demonstrate small Scale combined heat and power technologies in Southeast of Sweden.

Daniella has a background as a Chemical Engineer from Chalmers University of Technology. She has a doctoral degree within Energy and Environment, also from Chalmers, with special focus on industrial energy systems. Before Daniella started her work at the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden she worked at aconsultant company with project related to bioenergy combines and energy systems for sustainable transportation.

Richard P. Vlosky

Richard P. Vlosky
Crosby Land & Resources Professor of Forest Sector Business Development Director
Louisiana Forest Products Development Center

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Richard Vlosky is Director of the Louisiana Forest Products Development Center and Crosby Land and Resources Endowed Professor in Forest Sector Business Development at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center in Baton Rouge. He received his Ph.D. in Wood Products Marketing at Penn State University, an M.S. in International Forest Products Trade from the University of Washington and a B.S. in Natural Resources and Forest Management from Colorado State University. He has authored or co-authored 157 refereed publications, 22 book chapters and 4 books, and has made 525 presentations on a variety of topics in the U.S. and in 31 countries. Dr. Vlosky is Immediate Past-President of the Forest Products Society, Board Member of CORRIM (Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials, Member-Emerging & Critical Issues Committee for the Society of Wood Science & Technology (SWST), and Louisiana Representative for the Southern Bioenergy Working Group.

Internationally, he is President of WoodEMA, the Association of Wood Processing and Furniture Manufacturing based in Zagreb, Croatia, Adjunct Professor at the University of Timisoara in Romania, and Fellow in the Institute of Wood Science in the United Kingdom. He is the United States delegate for the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Research Group on Forest Products Marketing and Business Development. He is also on the Advisory Board for the Center for Sustainability in the University of Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. For 10 years up until 2014, he was the Leader of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Team of Specialists on Sustainable Forest Products. He remains a U.S. delegate as well as being an Outside Expert on the Wood Energy Team.

Preben V. Messerschmidt

Preben V. Messerschmidt
Project Director

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Originally trained as a Mechanical Engineer within Thermodynamics, Preben has spent some 28 years working in the Energy and Power generation fields in both the Public and Private Sector.

His career includes Design Management, Commissioning, Operational management positions as well as Project Management on projects across the world, from Canada over the UK and Denmark to Bangladesh.

In recent years Preben has been involved with Business and Project development in the Power and Biomass sectors for Ramboll, dealing in particular with the development, management and execution of numerous biomass projects internationally, ranging in size from dedicated biomass facilities of a few or few tens of MW, to biomass conversions on a Gigawatt scale.

He is a regular speaker at international energy conferences, and has also been an Author and Contributor to technical documents for thermal energy processes.

Simon Armstrong

Simon Armstrong
Sustainable Biomass Partnership

Click for bio

Simon is a forester by profession, having worked in Europe, South America and SE Asia on public sector research and development projects, in commercial operations and with investors. He completed his first accreditation audit in 2000 and since then has been working in the area of accreditation and standards development covering forestry, palm oil, social accountability and biomass sustainability. He has supported a number of schemes with their standards and process development and undertaken evaluation of sustainability programs for NGOs, companies and government agencies. Since January 2014 Simon has supported the development of SBP.

Fiona Matthews

Fiona Matthews
Research Manager
Hawkins Wright

Click for bio

Fiona has held the role of Research Manager at Hawkins Wright since 2014 and has been working in the bioenergy industry for ten years. She is the co-author of Hawkins Wright’s market-leading Outlook for Wood Pellets service and Asian-Pacific Biomass report. Fiona regularly undertakes consultancy projects for clients in Asia, Europe and North America on topics including wood pellet and biomass markets, sustainability, and energy policy. She is also the Editor of Hawkins Wright’s Forest Energy Monitor, a monthly information service which analyses global developments in bioenergy.

Martin Bentele

Martin Bentele

Click for bio

- Chief Executive Officer of the "Deutscher Energieholz- und Pellet-Verband (DEPV)", Germany, since 2007
- Managing Director of the "Deutsches Pelletinstitut (DEPI)", Germany, since 2009
- Degree in Forestry, Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany

Richard P. Vlosky

Matias Pekkanen
Senior Consultant
Indufor Oy

Click for bio

Matias Pekkanen is the leading consultant of the biomass supply services at Indufor, globally recognized advisory company based in Helsinki, Finland. He has been working with many international companies in raw material supply feasibility and strategic advisory for both industrial and energy wood consuming segments. Mr. Pekkanen and the Indufor team have expertise on global wood fibre flows within the industrial and energy wood segments, developments on ongoing operations as well as greenfield investments, renewable energy policies and sustainability aspects around biomass in major global regions including Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Pharoah Le Feuvre

Pharoah Le Feuvre
Market Analyst
International Energy Agency (IEA)

Click for bio

Pharoah Le Feuvre is based in the Renewables Energy Division of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and undertakes analysis in the area of bioenergy and biofuels markets. Pharoah has a background working in the renewable energy field conducting commercial analysis for an energy utility company, in energy consultancy and also the management of renewable power and heat subsidy schemes in the United Kingdom.

Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin
Head of Commercial Asset Management
Drax Power Limited

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Jens Price Wolf is Commercial Director of Drax Power and has the responsibility for Fuel sourcing, Ancillary Services, Commercial Asset Management and Business Development. Before joining Drax Power in 2015 Jens headed up Asset Management and Development in DONG Energy Thermal Power (Now Orsted). Prior to that, Jens has worked 10 years as a consultant with McKinsey and ICF International focussing on strategic and operational advisory to energy and utility companies.

Neil Holland

Neil Holland
Managing Director
Y Pellets UK

Click for bio

Neil is the Managing Director of the Y Pellets Sales and Distribution company in the UK as ell as being a founder/Director of Arc Applied Sciences, who are responsible for the construction of three new pellet plants in the UK and Austria.

Prior to Y Pellets, Neil was the Sales & Marketing Director for Balcas, the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of wood pellets with a 50% market share, selling 165,000 metric tonnes per annum of wood pellets under the “Brites” brand. Before that, he headed Sales & Marketing for firmus energy, building a team to support sales, marketing and customer service for a “start-up” natural gas supply and distribution business – overseeing growth from 350 to 20,000 customers over a seven-year period, while ensuring that firmus energy was consistently rated as the best utility in Northern Ireland for customer satisfaction.

Other roles have enabled Neil to work and live internationally in the US, Australasia and Africa.

Neil has an MSC Eng from University of Leeds and a BSc from University of Ulster, as well as completing an Export Marketing course at University of San Francisco – Masagung Graduate School of Management.

Manfred Faustmann

Manfred Faustmann

Click for bio

Manfred Faustmann has professional business experience in the field of environmentally friendly investment goods and renewable energies. His long-term practice as an independent partner is including on-site management potential analysis for small and medium-sized companies focusing on pro-active and self-driven business development.

For several years he was managing international business units in Europe, USA and China, where he was in charge of the successful business development - including management and supervision of the local production and sales companies.

He started his career in the field of the oil & gas industry - and thereafter he was initiating and managing a big OEM-engine-sales-project in USA and UK within the automotive industry on behalf of a premium car manufacturer from Germany.

From 2005 until 2010 Manfred Faustmann was already managing director with the Windhager Group - before he came back to Windhager in 2016.

Simon Armstrong

Michael Wild
International Biomass Torrefaction Council

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Michael Wild, economist and engineer by education, is active in renewable energies for practically his entire 30 years professional career. He has pioneered Biomass fired district heating systems in Austria and conversion of coal fired systems to biomass in the former socialist countries in Eastern Europe. The first internet based biomass trading platform (ABEX) was started by him in 1999. Until 2010 he led the international biomass trading company EBES creating numerous intercontinental supply chains for many types of biomass from Asia, Africa and the Americas towards Europe and within Asia to Japan. Beside other biomasses he initiated the acceptance of Palm Kernel Shell as energy carrier and implemented the first supply chains from Indonesia to Europe in 2003 and later to Japan. From 2007 he took a leading position in torrefaction technology development forming also a consortium with Andritz AG. In 2012 he helped setting up the International Biomass Torrefaction Council IBTC within AEBIOM whose members elected him president. He is active in project development and implementation and working with producers, consumers and international trading houses in the building and operation of Wood Chips, Pellets and torrefied Biomasses supply chains.

Simon Armstrong

Michael Hjorth Christensen
CM Biomass

Click for bio

Michael Hjorth Christensen COO of CM Biomass and has been active in the biomass market since 2014.

Michael has a MSc degree in finance & accounting London School of Economics and worked in Maerks before joining CM Biomass and the biomass industry.

CM Biomass traded 1.500.000mt of wood pellets, wood chips and other biomass related products during the last 2017/2018 season and today employ 34 persons around the world with offices in Copenhagen, St Petersburg, Houston, Genoa, Cologne, Liepaja, Riga, Grantham & Hoganas. Michael is married and has a son that he will try to not get into biomass – It is too stressful.


Sponsors & Exhibitors


Clearfleau is an industrial water treatment and bio-energy technology business, based in Bracknell. A market leader for on-site industrial Anaerobic Digestion (AD), we supply cost-effective water and bio-energy solutions to enable food and beverage manufacturers to add value to their residues and make the food supply chain more sustainable.

Owned by German engineering company EnviroChemie GmbH (part of SKion GmbH’s water portfolio), Clearfleau now provides a range of innovative on-site water solutions for industrial and commercial processing sites.

EnviroChemie has a global reputation in the industrial water and wastewater treatment sector. As resource efficiency becomes a greater priority, more businesses are seeking to use limited water resources more effectively while also exploiting the energy value in their process residues, currently being discarded on many factory sites.

Clearfleau represents EnviroChemie in the UK market, with an extended range of innovative water treatment and conservation solutions for industrial sites. We are also developing sales of Clearfleau’s industrial bio-energy plants in European and other markets.

Clearfleau’s on-site Anaerobic Digestion plants allow food and drink processing sites to generate clean bio-energy, reducing their overall energy use and cutting carbon emissions. Biogas from bio-degradable residues enables food and drink manufacturers to access the latent energy content from their processing residues, providing a circular economy solution.

More efficient use of process residues can provide sites with decentralised bio-energy, recycled grey water and recycled carbon dioxide. Investment in greater resource efficiency on industrial sites offers an effective alternative to traditional, less carbon efficient, disposal systems.


Profile pending.


Networking Drinks Sponsor

Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM) was founded in 1999 with the objective to provide quality management for leading biodiesel producers and traders. Today, AGQM has to offer much more than “just” quality management: AGQM has become a modern and flexible service provider covering all relevant issues from the production to the application of biodiesel, the leading alternative fuel in Europe.

By the large-scale introduction of its quality management system, AGQM significantly contributed to the high quality standard of biodiesel on the German market and ascertains due to multifarious activities that biodiesel maintains its predominant significance.

AGQM is offering unannounced samplings at production plants and fuel depots of their members, organisation of international round robin tests, REACH support, standardisation work, no-harm tests for oxidation stabilisers in biodiesel as fuel or heating oil component, quality check material, international certification (BPAC), seminars as well as research & development.


Networking Break Sponsor

MetGen is an innovative SME founded in 2008 which designs and markets novel enzymatic solutions - MetZyme®- for the most challenging industrial conditions to meet customer specific needs. The company uses advances in genetic engineering and microbiology to adapt enzymes to harsh industrial conditions and to handle a variety of lignocellulosic substrates. MetGen has achieved successful industrial trials with sector leaders in forest and renewable chemicals and aims to be a widely recognized supplier of industrial enzymes, significantly contributing to the economics and sustainability of process industries such as pulp & paper, biofuels and biochemical.

revis bioenergy

revis bioenergy is a turnkey installer and operator of industrial biogas and biomethane plants. In addition, revis deals with the processing of poultry manure (poultry profit®) and the treatment of waste water (pb-clean®). Especially poultry manure upgrading offers great potential for the future. This allows expensive biomasses to be replaced by residual material. On the one hand, this is good for the environment and, on the other, for the economy of every biogas plant. Technologies from revis are not standard products, but are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. In all our systems, we place the highest value on quality in planning, design and production. Industrial quality is not just a buzzword for us, but a lived reality. Construction and planning of biogas plants are carried out with recognized tools that form the basis for the consistently high - quality and traceable construction. Our internal processes are designed to produce quality and constantly improve production.


Profile pending.


Lanyard Sponsor

SCB is the world’s largest biofuel brokerage group of companies and is a market leader in European Grains and Softs as well as carbon reduction credit markets. Founded in 2006, the company’s goal is to promote the adoption of a low carbon future. As broker, SCB connects buyers and sellers of commodities across the globe covering both physical and derivative markets. We serve the commodities industry through increased price transparency and by lowering trading costs. Our commitment is to a relentless pursuit of our clients’ goals. Our integrity guides us, and our clients benefit from our focused vision. SCB Group has offices in Chicago, Puerto Rico, London, Nyon and Singapore. The firm also offers global expertise in RINS and other government credit markets as well as glycerine, UCO, tallow and paper swaps on biofuels.

Celignis Analytical

Celignis is a dedicated biomass analysis laboratory that provides our clients with the most precise data, allowing them to make the best use of their biomass feedstocks and optimise their biomass conversion processes.

We offer a range of analysis services relevant to the bioeconomy. These include:

  • Characterisation of biomass for use in the production of advanced biofuels (e.g. cellulosic ethanol).
  • Evaluation of anaerobic digestion feedstocks and process outputs (e.g. biomethane potential).
  • Properties related to biomass combustion (e.g. calorific value, chlorine, ash etc.).
  • Physical properties of biomass (e.g. particle size of wood chips, pellet dimensions).
  • Analysis of aquatic biomass (e.g. seaweed).
  • Profiling of the liquid outputs of biomass conversion processes.

Celignis - “With accurate data the opportunities are limitless"


Lunch Sponsor

Specac is a high quality manufacturer of FTIR accessories and sample preparation products, bringing new and innovative solutions to the market place on a regular basis.

Specac’s spectroscopic accessory products cover a range of techniques, including ATR, Diffuse Reflectance, Specular Reflectance and Transmission. Providing the right solution for any sample in any state and under any conditions.

Specac produce a wide range of laboratory sample preparation products for making pellets, discs or films. The “Atlas” range offers the right pressing solution for your needs, ranging from small low tonnage manual hydraulic presses to 40 ton fully programmable automatic presses.


Blommaert is specialized in retractable roofs to cover biomass. All covers are custom-made and manufactured from aluminium.

The mobile roof with sliding hatches keeps the biomass completely dry, yet it can be topped up efficiently. The wood shavings and wood chips can be topped up quickly, and maintained at their optimal moisture level.

Blommaert takes care of the engineering, installation and, if necessary, maintenance of the sliding structure. Whether it is a storage bay built of concrete elements where a tipper truck dumps the biomass, or a bunker structure where wood shavings are unloaded by crane, Blommaert sliding hatches can be used in all kinds of applications. The sliding hatches can be manually or electrically driven.

Every year more than 400 projects are realized all over the world. The company is standardized to EN 1090 (making steel and aluminum constructions).

Fachverband BIOGAS

Profile pending.


WiFi Sponsor

Profile pending.


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2017 Bioenergy Insight programme

DAY ZERO: 3rd October 2017

Join us on DAY ZERO: 3rd October 2017 for a Pre-conference Whisky Distillery Tour

DAY ONE: 4th October 2017

9.15 Welcoming remarks from the Chair
Martin Tangney, President, Celtic Renewables

9.30 Advanced biofuels strategy through to 2030
Rob Wakely, Head of Low Carbon Fuels Division, Energy Technology and International Directorate, Department for Transport (DfT)

10.00 Investing in advanced biofuels: technology options and policy support
Andrew Murfin, General Manager, Advanced Biofuels, Shell

10.30 Networking break

11.00 Bioenergy and Scotland’s low-carbon economy
Chris Stark, Director of Energy and Climate Change, Scottish Government

11.30 UK policy uncertainty, reintroducing E10 and the future of the bioethanol market
Grant Pearson, Commercial Manager, Ensus

12.00 Q&A with this morning's speakers - panel

12.45 Networking Lunch


Session 1
The big picture

2.00 Opening remarks from the Chair

Andy Yuill, Senior Renewable Heat Manager, Natural Power

2.15 Mapping the supply chain

  • An industry in transition: Global overview
  • Analysing recent trends and forecasts in global wood pellet supply
  • Understand how wood pellet producers are responding to global shifts

William Strauss, Founder and President, Future Metrics

2.45 Exploring Industrial Wood Pellet Pricing and the European Landscape

  • Insight into key pricing in the European market
  • Overview of key projects planned and existing
  • Key price drivers and policy

Brodie Govan, biomass broker, Voyage Power

3.15 Networking break

3.45 Ensuring sustainability at scale

  • Analysing the three pillars of sustainability: Certification, transparency, and care for the forest landscape

Daniel Davidson, international sales director, Enviva

4.15 The bankability factor: investors and incentives

  • Financing bioenergy projects

Chris Holmes, Head of Waste & Bioenergy, Green Investment Group


4.45 Close of Conference and Networking Drinks Reception
with Whisky tasting session hosted by Celtic Renewables

DAY TWO: 5th October 2017


9.15 Welcome from chair
Andy Yuill, Senior Renewable Heat Manager, Natural Power

9.30 Brexit effect on bioenergy market

  • Exploring the role of bioenergy in the industrial strategy post-Brexit

James Court, head of policy and public affairs, Renewable Energy Association

10.00 Update on the wood-based bioenergy sector in North America

  • Wood-based bioenergy in North America: All roads lead to pellet exports

Richard Vlosky, Director, Louisiana Forest Products Centre

10.30 Networking break

11.00 Greening the UK's gas network 2012-20

  • A look at biomethane 2012-2020: how will the market develop?

John Scott Kerr, Head of Business Development, Future Biogas UK

11.30 Green your fleet

  • Biomethane as a commercial and sustainable fuel for buses and trucks

Jonas Strömberg, Director for Sustainable Solutions, Scania

12.00 What is next for energy-from-waste plants in the UK?
Dan Cooke, External Affairs Manager, Viridor

12.30 The opportunity for development of the circular economy
Richard Gueterbock, Director & founder shareholder, Clearfleau

1.00 Networking lunch

2.10 Introduction from the chair

2.15 Latest in pyrolysis AD systems

  • Integration of pyrolysis and AD. How biogas production can benefit?

Dr Jan Mumme, Edinburgh University and founder of start- up company Carbogenics

2.45 The future of gas from a UK perspective

  • The role of BioSNG in the decarbonisation of heat and transport
  • The prospects for the large-scale supply of renewable gas following the introduction of the BioSNG demonstration-scale waste-to-energy plant in Swindon

David Pickering, Project Manager, BioSNG, Cadent Gas

3.15 Delivering AD plants

  • Successful contracting structures and risk allocation

Dr Stephen Wise, associate director and waste technical lead, Amec Foster Wheeler

3.45 End of conference



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