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International Biomass Congress & Expo - BRUSSELS - 22-23 OCTOBER 2019 - Bringing biomass markets closer

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International Biogas Congress & Expo - innovations in biogas

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Biofuels International Conference & Expo -  - BRUSSELS - 22-23 OCTOBER 2019 - Listen, learn and network


DAY ONE: 10th October 2018

9.15 Session one: Welcoming remarks from the Chair
Preben V. Messerschmidt, Project Director, Ramboll

9.30 Global development of bioenergy: data, markets and policies
Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association

10.00 Will the future of biomass to power be as flexible back-up or as baseload operation (with CCS)?
Matthew Griffin, Head of Commercial Asset Management, Drax Power Limited

10.30 Clean Energy Package: Latest Updates & Impact on the Biomass Industry
Cillian Totterdell, Senior Account Executive, FleishmanHillard

METGEN11.00 Networking break
Sponsored by METGEN

11.45 CHP Conversions in Germany – A Strengthening Case?
Ben Moxham, Market Development Director, Europe, Enviva Biomass

12.15 Global bioenergy perspectives from the IEA’s Renewables 2018 market report

  • An overview of the role of bioenergy in the energy system.
  • Results of IEA’s global biomass power 5 year forecasts.
  • Current bioenergy use in industry and key growth areas.
  • Scale up potential for bioenergy under favourable market and policy conditions.

Pharoah Le Feuvre, Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Specac12.45 Networking lunch
Sponsored by SPECAC

2.15 Session two: Opening remarks from the Chair
Michael Wild, President, International Biomass Torrefaction Council

2.30 Overview of UK EN Plus A1 market and its unique challenges
Neil Holland, Managing Director, Y-Pellets

3.00 Supply & Demand a Global Overview for European Pellets
Fiona Matthews, Research Manager, Hawkins Wright

3.30 Update on the German pellet sector

  • Pellet production/trade
  • ENplus certification for wood chips & pellets
  • market challenges
  • Overview of the German heating market

Martin Bentele, CEO, DEPV

METGEN4.00 Networking break
Sponsored by METGEN

4.30 How to Double Production and Reach Designed Pellet Plant Capacity
Holger Streetz, International Operations Manager, Bathan

5.00 Success in the Pellet industry
Manfred Faustmann, CEO, Windhager

AGQM5.30 Networking drinks
Sponsored by AGQM

DAY TWO: 11th October 2018

9.30 Welcoming remarks from the Chair
Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association

9.45 Case study: pellet production in Latvia

  • Advantages of co-generation
  • Overview of the bioenergy market in the Baltics
  • Ensuring sustainability

Toms Nāburgs, Nelja Energia (4Energia)

10.15 Biomass trade across Europe & the Baltics

  • Current supply, stock & demand levels
  • What are the current trends in both supply and demand market?

Michael Christensen,COO, CM Biomass

METGEN10.45 Networking break
Sponsored by METGEN

11.30 Outlook for Nordic-Baltic Wood Biomass Markets

  • Growth Obstacles to Expanding Biomass Markets
  • Benchmarking
  • Pricing

Matias Pekkanen, Senior Consultant, Indufor Oy

12.00 Prospects of small scale CHP from Biomass – experiences from a demonstration project in south east Sweden
Daniella Johansson, Project Manager, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden

Specac12.30 Networking lunch
Sponsored by SPECAC

2.00 Opening remarks from the Chair
Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association

2.15 Wood pellets as fuel for power generation – challenges, adaptations and results
Preben V. Messerschmidt, Project Director, Ramboll

2.45 Demonstrating Sustainability through Certification
Simon Armstrong, Technical Expert, Sustainable Biomass Partnership

METGEN3.15 Networking break
Sponsored by METGEN

3.45 Spotlight on Torrefied Biomass

  • Principles of Biomass Carbonization and Rationales
  • Performance comparison with White Wood Pellets along the value chain
    • Mass/energy balances,
    • Electricity consumption,
    • Energy consumption and CO2 balance along long distance supply chains
    • Status of Torrefaction Technology/Standards/Permissions
  • Market Overview Technologies and Projects

Michael Wild, President, International Biomass Torrefaction Council

4.15 An overview of wood energy in North America
Richard P. Vlosky, Crosby Land & Resources Professor of Forest Sector Business Development Director, Louisiana Forest Products Development Center

4.45 Conference closes

2017 Bioenergy Insight programme

DAY ZERO: 3rd October 2017

Join us on DAY ZERO: 3rd October 2017 for a Pre-conference Whisky Distillery Tour

DAY ONE: 4th October 2017

9.15 Welcoming remarks from the Chair
Martin Tangney, President, Celtic Renewables

9.30 Advanced biofuels strategy through to 2030
Rob Wakely, Head of Low Carbon Fuels Division, Energy Technology and International Directorate, Department for Transport (DfT)

10.00 Investing in advanced biofuels: technology options and policy support
Andrew Murfin, General Manager, Advanced Biofuels, Shell

10.30 Networking break

11.00 Bioenergy and Scotland’s low-carbon economy
Chris Stark, Director of Energy and Climate Change, Scottish Government

11.30 UK policy uncertainty, reintroducing E10 and the future of the bioethanol market
Grant Pearson, Commercial Manager, Ensus

12.00 Q&A with this morning's speakers - panel

12.45 Networking Lunch


Session 1
The big picture

2.00 Opening remarks from the Chair

Andy Yuill, Senior Renewable Heat Manager, Natural Power

2.15 Mapping the supply chain

  • An industry in transition: Global overview
  • Analysing recent trends and forecasts in global wood pellet supply
  • Understand how wood pellet producers are responding to global shifts

William Strauss, Founder and President, Future Metrics

2.45 Exploring Industrial Wood Pellet Pricing and the European Landscape

  • Insight into key pricing in the European market
  • Overview of key projects planned and existing
  • Key price drivers and policy

Brodie Govan, biomass broker, Voyage Power

3.15 Networking break

3.45 Ensuring sustainability at scale

  • Analysing the three pillars of sustainability: Certification, transparency, and care for the forest landscape

Daniel Davidson, international sales director, Enviva

4.15 The bankability factor: investors and incentives

  • Financing bioenergy projects

Chris Holmes, Head of Waste & Bioenergy, Green Investment Group


4.45 Close of Conference and Networking Drinks Reception
with Whisky tasting session hosted by Celtic Renewables

DAY TWO: 5th October 2017


9.15 Welcome from chair
Andy Yuill, Senior Renewable Heat Manager, Natural Power

9.30 Brexit effect on bioenergy market

  • Exploring the role of bioenergy in the industrial strategy post-Brexit

James Court, head of policy and public affairs, Renewable Energy Association

10.00 Update on the wood-based bioenergy sector in North America

  • Wood-based bioenergy in North America: All roads lead to pellet exports

Richard Vlosky, Director, Louisiana Forest Products Centre

10.30 Networking break

11.00 Greening the UK's gas network 2012-20

  • A look at biomethane 2012-2020: how will the market develop?

John Scott Kerr, Head of Business Development, Future Biogas UK

11.30 Green your fleet

  • Biomethane as a commercial and sustainable fuel for buses and trucks

Jonas Strömberg, Director for Sustainable Solutions, Scania

12.00 What is next for energy-from-waste plants in the UK?
Dan Cooke, External Affairs Manager, Viridor

12.30 The opportunity for development of the circular economy
Richard Gueterbock, Director & founder shareholder, Clearfleau

1.00 Networking lunch

2.10 Introduction from the chair

2.15 Latest in pyrolysis AD systems

  • Integration of pyrolysis and AD. How biogas production can benefit?

Dr Jan Mumme, Edinburgh University and founder of start- up company Carbogenics

2.45 The future of gas from a UK perspective

  • The role of BioSNG in the decarbonisation of heat and transport
  • The prospects for the large-scale supply of renewable gas following the introduction of the BioSNG demonstration-scale waste-to-energy plant in Swindon

David Pickering, Project Manager, BioSNG, Cadent Gas

3.15 Delivering AD plants

  • Successful contracting structures and risk allocation

Dr Stephen Wise, associate director and waste technical lead, Amec Foster Wheeler

3.45 End of conference



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